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Route Transfer Software
About RTSplus
RTSplus is Route Transfer software designed to provide you with a low-cost, easy to use meter reading entry solution.  RTSplus works in conjunction with the MREplus software on the Motorola Symbol 3000 Handheld Mobile Computer Device. 

Works with Your Current Billing Software
The RTSplus software works with your current utility billing software by allowing you to “map” the reading file exported from your billing system into the format the MREplus software in your handheld uses. Once you have mapped the reading file from your billing system, RTSplus remembers the map allowing you to load and unload your readings without re-mapping each reading cycle.

Powerful Reporting Feature
RTSplus includes a very useful, feature-rich report menu which includes:

  • Meter Reading Detail — Provides a “Proof List” of the meter reading file imported from the billing software.

  • Exception Report — Special report providing supervisors a list of all services the meter reader viewed the “More Screen” on. This allows supervisors to curb “shade tree reading”

  • Read, and Unread Meters Report — Lists all meters with readings on the Read Meters Report. Lists all meters without readings on the Unread Meters Report.

  • Comment Code and Extended Comment Report — Lists all Comment Codes and Extended Comments entered by the meter reader or passed from the billing system to the Motorola Symbol 3000 handheld.

  • Found Meters Report — Lists all meters the meter reader entered as “Found Meters” in the Motorola Symbol 3000 handheld. The report includes Customer and Location information.

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RTSplus™ Route Transfer Software Main Menu Screen

RTSplus™ Route Transfer Software Import Field Mapping Setup Screen
(Data Mapping Screen)

RTSplus™ Route Transfer Software Reports Menu Screen

RTSplus™ Route Transfer Software Export Screen

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RTSplus Features!

  • Simplifies the process of importing and exporting readings and customer address information to and from the Motorola Symbol 3000 Hanheld Mobile Computer Device.

  • Works with your existing billing software that is capable of exporting and importing meter reading information.

  • Data Mapping makes it easy to import and export reading files.

  • Extensive reporting

  • Found Meters allows the meter reader to report abandoned or lost meters

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