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Meter Reading Entry Plus
About MREplus™
MREplus™ Meter Reading Entry Plus software is designed specifically for today's Mobile Computers as a “No-Nonsense,” easy to use application to get your meter readings from your customer meters to your utility billing software.

MREplus™ was developed from the ground up with Ease-of-Use as top priority. From Loading or Unloading the reading data to entering the readings while in the field, MREplus™ streamlines the procedures for accomplishing these tasks without complicating your job.

If you are currently using Utility Data Systems, Inc. UBSplus® as your utility billing software, MREplus™ interfaces directly. You select the accounts you wish to have read and click “Begin Output.” Its that simple!

If you are using billing software from another software provider, MREplus™ interfaces with your current billing software through RTSplus™ Route Transfer Software. RTSplus™ can transfer reading files to and from virtually any billing software that has the capability to import/export reading data.

MREplus™ Features:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand menus.
  • Extended comment allows free form comments to be entered.
  • Daylight Mode will darken the buttons so they are clearly seen in bright sunlight.
  • Statistics Screen displays the number of accounts that have been read and unread along with the total number of accounts, date/time, and reader id.
  • Search for Accounts by Last Name, Service Address, Meter Number, and Unread Meters.
  • The “Found Meter” feature allows the meter reader to enter information about meters “found” on a particular route that may not have been properly documented.
  • Audible and visual High/Low Reading Warnings.
  • Previous reading can be displayed or hidden for auditing purposes.
  • Each customer’s account is displayed automatically in read route order.



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